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Nordic Pharma Summit

Half-day seminar in Lund, Sweden, Wednesday, November 21

Christina Åkerman
Gro Ramsten
Erkki Palva
Dorthe Mikkelsen

What are the most important pharmaceutical questions in the Nordic countries? Pharma Online gives you an opportunity to meet speakers from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, representing Medical Products Agencies and pharmaceutical production and trade organizations. The speakers will give you a valuable insight into their most important questions and key issues in their different countries.

Why a Nordic summit? With more Nordic organizations it is important to understand market and regulatory conditions in the different countries in order to succeed.


13.00-13.30 Registration

13.30-13.40 Moderator Nina Hedlund gives an introduction to the seminar
- Nina Hedlund, editor of the newsletter Pharma Online

13.40-14.50 Presentations and questions

Christina Åkerman's presentation will focus on the most important topics for the Swedish Medical Products Agency at the moment: pharmacovigilance, falsified medicines, Baltic sea strategy, National pharmaceuticals strategy and generic prescribing
Christina Åkerman, Director General, The Swedish Medical Products Agency

Mrs Gro Ramsten Wesenberg presents, from a Norwegian perspective, the challenges of being part of the EEA, but outside EU. What does this mean for our work in the European medicines Regulatory Network? She also discusses the challenge of being funded over the national budget instead of fee finance and looks at how to optimize the resources to have enough both for national and European tasks?
Gro Ramsten Wesenberg, Director General, The National Legemiddelsverk, Norway

14.50-15.20 Coffee break

15.20-16.40 Presentations, questions and discussion

Erkki Palva, from the Finish Medicines Agency Fimea tells us the latest developments in Fimea and the Finnish health and pharmaceutical sector as follows:
-Fimea: plans for relocation (Helsinki-Kuopio-Turku), electronic submissions, HTA of pharmaceuticals
- Finnish health sector: Reform plan for the health services, working group for developing the reimbursement system of pharmaceuticals.
Erkki Palva, Director of Assessment of Medicinal Products, Fimea, Finland

We also meet Dorthe Mikkelsen, Vice President in Europe, MSD, who will address key challenges of the healthcare system and the industry today and talk about innovation as part of the solution. What are the drivers of innovation and how can we collaborate? Dorthe will provide insights and examples from the Nordic countries.
Dorthe Mikkelsen, Vice President in Europe, MSD

16.40-17.15 Pharma Online invite you to drinks, snacks and a tour of Medicon Village

See you in Lund!

Kristofer Petraeus
Project manager
08-546 005 32

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